International Benchmarking

In-loco experience with international reference ecosystem in innovation, entrepreneurship and inter-sectoral cooperation

In the scope of CITECH-Boost, namely the International Benchmarking Mission Phase, the operational and management teams of the Program and the CTCV participated in the 8th Edition of the Ceramic Network in Limoges, France.

During the first day of the Mission, it was possible not only to visit and get to know the best international practices implemented by the technology and innovation centers (IRCER, CTTC, CITRA, CTMNC, and CERINNOV) but also to hold an exploratory and synergetic session with AVRUL. Created in 2008 by the former Limousin Region and the University of Limoges, AVRUL's primary mission is to promote research in the laboratories of the University of Limoges.

The 2nd day of the Mission allowed to visit and know in detail the activities/production processes of different organizations and companies of the Limoges ecosystem, namely 3DCERAM, 3D Minerals, DMG MORI and BIOPHYTOS. In parallel, the mission activities allowed to be present in several panels of the Main Conference, with emphasis on the presentation of Luc Hennetier (member of the CTCV entourage) on "Microwave-assisted firing of porcelain tableware", as well as to hold exploratory meetings with other delegations present at the event.

On the last day of the Mission it was possible to attend the sessions of the Main Conference, with emphasis on the round table (led by Vincent Poirier, CEO of NOVADDITIVE) on "Digitalization and Factories of the Future."

Still, within the scope of Ceramic Network, CTCV was present at the Annual General Assembly, where the leading indicators of the organization's fiscal year were presented and discussed future guidelines. The Mission culminated with a visit to the emblematic Royal Limoges Museum and Workshops, once one of the most critical industrial units of the European ceramics industry.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3