June 21st, 2023

International Conference - Innovation, Digitalization and Entrepreneurship in the Habitat & Construction Sectors: Challenges and Impacts

International Conference aimed at addressing the trends, state of the art, and international best practices of the Habitat and Construction sectors.
Besides having in the audience, the main players and companies of these sectors, as well as participants in the CITECH-Boost acceleration program, we had speakers who are national and international experts in Habitat and Construction, but also in other areas of knowledge/investment/innovation.

The event, which was opened by the Mayor of Condeixa, Dr. Nuno Moita da Costa, allowed the presentation, sharing, and discussion of different visions and challenges related to the present and future of Habitat and Construction.

Throughout the morning, it was possible to explore different opportunities available at the European Innovation Council level through the intervention of its Board Member, Ana Barjašić, as well as to know the good practices implemented by the European Ceramics Cluster (Limoges), in line with what was presented by its Project Manager, Aurore Berthier.

It is also worth mentioning the round table composed by Porcelanas Costa Verde, SA, Kerajet, Verallia, and SINMETRO (companies participating in the CITECH-Boost Program, and moderated by Miguel Gonçalves (GesEntrepreneur), which discussed the trends and best practices associated with innovation and the future of ceramics and glass, as well as the case study on digitalization of construction and real estate projects, presented by the CEO of @covaCOVA, Ignacio Otero.

After a guided visit to PO.RO.S, the afternoon started with a deep dive into Sustainability through the interventions of Prof. Victor Ferreira, President of the Board of Sustainable Habitat Cluster, and Gonçalo Palha and Joana Silva, Senior Advisors of Systemic.

The three last interventions focused on the criticality of the (Intra)Entrepreneurial movement in the Habitat and Construction sectors. Specifically, it was possible to know in detail the process of productization and digitalization of traditional services of Architecture and Design by the Co-Founder of MINN, Manuela De Matos, the potential of multimedia spatial experiences by the CEO of ANIMA.E, Javier Milara, and the impact of AI applications in industrial-based Operations, by the Founder of MAIDOT and JENOVA MOM, Pedro Lima.

The closing of the International Conference was in charge of Ana Carvalho, Director of CTCV - Centre for Technology and Innovation and responsible for the Lufapo Hub, as well as Jorge Brandão, member of CCRRC.