JUNE 20TH, 2023

Pitch Day

As the official closing event of CITECH-Boost, Pitch Day aimed to share the ideas generated and developed in the Program to accelerate ideas (pitch) to leverage synergies for future practical implementation.

Being an event dedicated to the participants of the Program and the promoting entities, the Pitch Day also worked as a CITECH-Boost debriefing activity, where the stages experienced, decisions made, difficulties, solutions found, analysis of the methodologies used, and structuring of outputs for the definition of a methodology applicable to the industrial business context in indoor innovation processes, using entrepreneurial teams, were revisited.

Held at the Lufapo Hub on 20/June/2023, and in addition to the participating Projects and Companies, attended Pitch Day different stakeholders of the CITECH-Boost Community and the National/International Ecosystem, including National and International Business Angels, Entrepreneurs from the Industrial Sector, Leaders of Sectoral Associations, Researchers, Venture Capital Market Specialists, Heads of NGOs and Entrepreneurs (including from the Social Innovation Sector).